You may not have thought Sunset Park West in Brooklyn is anything special when you drive down its residential streets with colorful row houses, but this growing area may soon be one of New York’s hottest neighborhoods. There’s not a Starbucks to be found — or even a trendy restaurant —in this neighborhood, an old factory district that’s still home to many old warehouses and renovated row houses. However, some recent redevelopment projects and affordable housing options may soon make Sunset Park West one of the more desirable destinations for residents and commuters. Here’s why:

New Projects

Recent redevelopment projects around the water and the opening of Bush Terminal Park in 2014 have made this neighborhood more appealing in recent years. One of the most significant additions to this neighborhood was the opening of the Brooklyn Nets training center, a 70,000-square foot practice facility that now serves as the official training site for the Nets. The relocation was expected to bring more than 40 full-time jobs to the borough. Industry City, home to 16 buildings, is already attracting new tenants as owners have invested more than $125 million to perform updates to this historic building.

Affordable Rental Options

Many rental units in Sunset Park West can be found in renovated or older townhouses. If you’re looking for affordable rentals outside of Manhattan or even an investment property within a desirable neighborhood, set your sites on this part of Brooklyn for a wealth of options. Many units are within walking distance or a short bike ride to parks, shops, and markets.

Diverse Community

This borough is home to Chinatown and a large Latino population. Diversity is the name of the game in Sunset Park West and you won’t find cookie-cutter shops or shopping complexes with chain restaurants here. This is the neighborhood to enjoy traditional eats and a mix of cultures.


Living in Brooklyn means you need to be a pro at navigating the markets. Get your fill of tasty food from local vendors at Food Hall at Industry City. It’s located inside Building No. 2 on 36th Street and set up with many different types of food stalls. Come wintertime, there’s no better way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon than exploring the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasbord held inside the 50,000 square foot space in Industry City.

Commuting Benefits

A trip to Midtown on the D train, that makes several stops along 36th street and other major streets in the neighborhood, only takes about 30 to 40 minutes. Those looking for an easy commute to the city can leave the car at home — or get by without one — without any hassles.

Cultural Events

Many of the warehouses and waterfront properties play host to music performances, concerts, and art shows throughout the year. If you’re looking for a taste of local culture and flavor, make your way to these warehouses that transform into dance floors, art galleries, and concert spaces on nights and weekends. There’s never a shortage of things to do in this neighborhood and you’ll find many venues are within a short walk from each other.

If you want to break away from city life and settle into a more relaxed neighborhood with character, set your sights on Sunset Park West in Brooklyn. This up-and-coming neighborhood offers a wealth of options for singles, families, and young professionals — and there’s more to come.